About CLF

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What are the strengths of your organization?  The strength of CLF is in the simplicity of the organization and the objective.  CLF is uses a simple business model with no staff and all activities accomplished with contract employees.  Because of this simplicity, the focus of time on projects can be concentrated when and where needed, without the requirement of corporate activities that are part of the mission of larger entities.  This approach works well when there are problems because changes to tasks due to varying data or field conditions can be easily incorporated without canceling a task.  The President and Principal Researcher (Dr. Frank E. Marshall III) is an accomplished engineer (PE 33181 in Florida), scientist, and businessman.  He brings broad experience to the Everglades restoration effort as can be seen by the successful collaborative efforts over the past years on south Florida projects.  Additionally, Dr. Marshall has always resided, worked, and studied in the coastal zone (see CV), and has 30 years of hands-on data collection, data analysis, empirical (statistical and mass balance) modeling, and science-based engineering experience working in estuarine systems.


What is your particular niche, market, mission? The purpose of Cetacean Logic Foundation, Inc. (founded in 1993) as stated in the Articles of Incorporation is environmental research with a coastal focus.  Though the spotlight throughout the world recently has been on coastal research, protection, and education the focus of CLF and Dr. Marshall has always been on the link between the upland watershed and the estuaries and coastal shelf.